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Petersburg Observer March 29, 2017

Posted by tallulachristianchurch on April 24, 2017 at 9:25 PM

I certainly hope there is not someone trying hard to remember where they left their glasses or walking around without friends recognizing them. This past Saturday I found a pair of glasses in the church. Thinking they were mine, I put them on and promptly waked into the wall. Not mine. Anyway, if you have been to the church and lost your glasses, we may have them. Simply call, the ransom is minimal. Did you ever notice how people say glasses make you look smart? They never say glasses make you look like you have broken eyes.


I guess you don’t have to wear glasses to look smart. When I was in school my teacher wore glasses and I got in trouble because she asked me, “Do I look stupid to you?” What I learned was that she really didn’t want an answer. Anyway, I think the spectacles may have been left by someone who had participated in our Friday Men’s Fellowship. Each Friday at 8am we open the church for guys to meet, drink coffee, eat donuts and solve the problems of the world. It’s a good time to meet friends, new and old and all are welcome to join us.


April 3 is the date and 4pm is the time. It’s the day and time of the next Tallula Blood Drive sponsored by the Menard County Pierre Marquette D.A.R. and the Central Illinois Community Blood Center. If you have wanted to donate but could not because of the time limits, here is your opportunity to donate in the late afternoon and early evening. We do this so it will not disturb your work hours. Come to the Tallula Christian Church and be a hero, “It won’t be in vein.”


We are well into the season before Easter called Lent. Not the fuzzy stuff you pull out of the dryer, but the 40 day period from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. It’s a time for spiritual reflection, worship and evaluation of your life as compared to God’s law and his will for you. The believer in Christ considers prays about the sacrifice of Jesus as he made his way to the cross of Good Friday. Some people sacrifice things in their life to make room for prayer, bible study, doing good works or other acts of kindness. On Maundy Thursday April 13th we meet for a candlelight meal and worship. This is to mark the day symbolic of Jesus meeting with his disciples for the Last Supper. Then we meet on Easter Morning at 10:30 to celebrate his resurrection. We always hold an egg hunt for the kids after service with plenty of eggs and fun, Join us for both services.


We are an open church and welcome all who would wish to join us. Come for a visit and stay to be family. We are very easy to find, just three short egg laden block north of historic and bunny friendly downtown Tallula at 311 North Yates. Come join us, I’m certain you’ll be glad you did or my name isn’t Dave Poeschel, Minister and as I always say, “Which came first the bunny or the egg and We’ll leave the light on for you, the light of Christ.”


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